SH is Tomahawk's design of spring hanger series offering both i-inch and 2-inch deflection for wide load range and application requirement to isolate vibration of equipment and pipework.

The spring is mounted in a neoprene cup, with projecting bushing passing through and holding firm in place with grommet to the lower part of the hanger frame. The neoprene cup serves as a high frequency noise barrier and prevents "short-circuiting" of hanger rod with hanger frame. The spring itself is isolating main range of disturbing frequencies of vibration.

For lateral stability all springs are designed to meet a minimum ratio of 0.80, the spring outside diameter to loaded operating height and a minimum of extra deflection from rated load before compressed to solid.

SHDD is a combination of Tomahawk's "SH-A" series sroing hanger and Duo-Deflection neoprene element. The Duo-Deflection neoprene element is 35" (9mm) average rated and is isolating most of the noise / vibration above 900 RPM (15Hz) range while the spring is isolating main range of disturbing frequencies of vibration. SHDD is recommended to be used in more critical applications where quieter operation of the equipments are required.

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