YRSA restrained spring vibration isolators are the variants of Tomahawk's "YDS-A" series mountings but complete with inverted U top plates, constrained by base plates with two bolts to prevent the springs from tipping over. Single as well as multiple spring mounts, YRSA comes in 1, 2, 4 and 6 springs in cluster, offering ample models / sizes to suit wide range of load capabilities.

For stability all springs are designed to meet a minimum ratio of 0.80, the spring outside diameter to loaded operating height. Also a minimum 50% additional deflection from rated load before compression to solid is inherited in the design as over-load protection.

YRSA is recommended for equipment to be vibration free that prefer compact and short mounting height of vibration isolators units. typically used on small generator sets, centrifugal pumps, small fire pumps (motor or engine driven),tanks, boilers and various sall HVAC units.

Tomahawk's YRS-C restrained vibration isolators are the outgrowths of Tomahawk's C-series springs. of which the springs are free standing with srping outside diameter to loaded operating height ration of minimum 0.80 and additional 50% deflection to solid from rated deflection, with the additional welded steel housing assemblies to limit the vertical movements of the springs. Now it has been revised and refined in design and expanded in sizes simultaneously.

The steel housing assemblies limit vertical movements of the equipment under isolation by the travel limit stop studs and the top plate of the side support frames, through the center holes of both. The spring elements are assembled with spring caps (YRS-C1 only) or mounting load plates, with spring caps/mounting load plates be level adjustable by level adjustment bolts/or nuts and neoprene spring cups. Bolting holes are provided in both the top load plates and bottom base plates. All the steel housing assemblies are hot-dipped galvanised for corrosion proof as standard feature while level adjustment bolts, limit stop studs, locking screw and washers are cadmium plated, adding further supreme weather-proofing. Springs are marine grade primer coated prior to another layer of color paint coat for easy load indetification and corrosion resestance.

Tomahawk's model YRS-C restrained isolators are recommended to be the vibration isolators for equipment that undergo large amount of fluid load changes during service or maintenance such as chillers, bilers and cooling towers. For equipment installed on the roof tops the YRS-C isolators are best suited for resisting the strong wind load.

2-inch Deflection Type

3-inch and 4-inch Deflection Type

TRS is housed & restrained spring mounting, the spring of which is laterally stable with a minimim horizontal stiffness of 0.8 time the rated vertical stiffness & with 50% overload capacity provides yet another vibration isolation solution to equipment with presence of horizontal load. The upper housing and the lower one are assembled into a telescoping housing complete with a top level adjustment bolt and a non-skid, noise breaking rubber base, together with resillient cushion inserts at both inner sides of the lower housing, preventing metal contact as well as serving horizontal load snubing.

TRS is used when top access of Level Adjustment Bolt is possible while TRSP & TRST are 2 variants to suit different mounting requirement. TRSP has Rubber Friction Pas bonded on top of upper housing when bolting of machine base is not called for. Level adjustment is by turning the internal adjustment nut. TRST has an off-set tapped hole on top of upper housing for locking machine base to the mount. Like TRSP level adjustment is done by turning the internal adjustment nut with an open wrench clock-wise to load and level spring's (Free) and Operating Height.