RM is Tomahawk's Duo-Deflection Rubber mountings inheriting both the high static deflection performance of rubber-in-shear and overload protection of rubber-in-compression. They are one-piece molded with both ridged concentric rubber ring-tops with load-plates and skid-resistant bases with metal base-plate fully embeded in neoprene providing protection against corrosion. Load capacity of each model is easily recognized by color dot affixed to it.

As compared with ordinary rubber pads the higher static deflection of RM rubber mountings (usually more than 3-5 times that of rubber pads) is a fact that it is self-explanatory for its better performance over ordinary rubber pads.

Now the RM range has been revised and extended further to cater for heavier load capacity as well as more selection choice of various RM models. But all in all the standard material of RM still remain as neoprene.